I am a self-taught illustrator, painter and sculptor. 
I start drawing very young, as a lot of child finally, but when I met at highschool a manga artist, all change for me. I was struck by the energy which got free of these Japanese drawings, that french people just discovered. 
I had found my way. 
Or rather, a direction. 
I worked a lot, I progressed a little, but I wasn't satisfied drawing with a style which not belonged to me. So, from manga style, I decided to only keep what was interesting for me : energy and efficiency. 
Of course, I had an idea in mind. I loved Art, this was a solution: Impressionism with Claude Monet, and Italian Renaissance with Titian, Michaelangelo, Bernini... These artists created the most beautiful and the most powerful artworks of History, it was impossible to not being fascinated when you dreamed to become an artist.
 But, how to reconcile this power, this lyric, this grace, with the manga dynamism?
 It is exactly my work since a few years, with many many drawings. 
Fantasy was the better working ground. I could look for the ideal ratio between dynamism of a line, accuracy of an anatomy and lyrism. But when I imagined this phantasmagorical universe, I coundn't forget my own reality. Summer 1998. I discovered Baz Luhrmann masterpiece : Romeo + Juliet. A slap. A few days later, I created my two characters, Rachel and Quentin, and imagined a new romantic and tragical love story. 
For years, I work in these two worlds: the first allow me a total visual liberty, and the second make me progress with feelings given to imaginary characters. 
And vice versa.
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